Welcome to Your Desk


Welcome to your desk

Feeling at home from day one

Industry standards show that the average cost to replace an hourly employee is $5500 and that most employees who leave their new jobs do so within 6 months. That adds up for a company and can easily be prevented when employers focus on their culture first. It may seem like an insignificant thing to walk into work on the first day and navigate to a new desk, box of supplies in hand. The way someone is welcomed into a space has a big impact on how connected they will feel to their company and colleagues. When Popover first began, I focused solely on gatherings and what real world entertaining could look like, but it always felt like there was a disconnect between what life entailed on the weekends and who we were Monday through Friday. The creation of the Work Box was a response to the desire to feel at home in the office. I imagined sitting at a desk every day, surrounded by unique tools, and artisan items usually reserved for the non-work space. This is the setting people spend most of their time creating, so why shouldn't the space promote creativity.  

Pick up a copy of Fortune, Fast Company, Inc, or Forbes and you'll find an article praising the benefits of happy employees in the work place. Not only are they more productive, but they are more engaged too. This topic has grown from small rumblings among startups to fully developed on-boarding practices at major companies. It's not just employees making the right first impression, it's their company as well. The Work Box is a simple gift to present to a new employee on that rough first day full of unknowns. Outside of work, gifts and thoughtful gestures can make someone's day, a feeling that can happen in the workplace just as often. Since on-boarding is unique to every company, start thinking about a custom box that clearly tells a new employee "we're happy you're here".