Popover is named after an invitation to join others, something that is welcoming and memorable. We’ve captured that feeling in a box.

At Popover we believe that work life and home life deserve to have the same personal touch. Whether it is the desk we sit at every day or the dinner table we pass food around, these spaces are made more welcoming with thoughtful objects. What started as a lifestyle website focused on making entertaining accessible, Popover provides a way to gift someone the tools to make an inspiring workspace or welcoming home. All that power in a little box.

We’ve carefully sourced items from independent makers and emerging companies to create a full box of goods needed to work or host well. Our boxes are thoughtful gestures that last well beyond a single use. They become unique gifts, whether it is for a new employee or a memorable customer.

Popover currently creates individual boxes for the desk and for the home, but we’re always up for making your custom creations come to life. Visit our custom page to learn more about providing boxes for your employees and clients.

Popover is owned by Jaclyn Giuliano and located in Los Angeles, CA. Jaclyn has experience creating memorable spaces, which started through her intimate gatherings. She built Popover as a way to celebrate working and living well.