My husband and I live in a pocket of Los Angeles that is surrounded by some rather busy areas and while I am not ready to give up the access we have to so many great locations, I do long for a few quiet moments during my downtime. Lately, every Sunday we have started to wake up early, long before the brunchers begin thinking about sitting down to their mimosas and eggs, and head over to our local farmers market. Our favorite market is the one in Larchmont which is a special little suburb nestled among some major landmarks like Paramount Studios and Melrose Ave. We’ll stop by Go Get ‘Em Tiger for a cappuccino made with their homemade almond macadamia milk, cross the street to pick up a scone from one of the bread makers in the first stalls, then wind through the vendors picking up bunches of flowers, bags of baby kale, and maybe a cold juice for  the ride home. We’ll go early, when the streets are still coated in a light fog, the neighborhood remains quiet, and I can get a little taste of the relaxation that I look for in my part of town. I am by no means a dedicated farmers market shopper, but I do like to pick out a few key items that remind me of the season or to use at a special event. The Larchmont market is small and manageable so it makes it easy to narrow in on what you want without being distracted by an abundance of food trucks or bands playing…the norm at many crowded markets today. One favorite stall in particular has vibrant radishes and neon green romanesco and lucky for me, they are located right next to a flower vendor that sells big bunches of hydrangeas for $4. My husband and I will often leave with only one bag of goods, but our morning journey is always the highlight of the week and makes me feel like I am part of the neighborhood, taking advantage of an area that only the locals know about, while indulging in farmer’s crops from the LA area.

This is the season for farmers markets and as the weather warms up it’s the perfect time to find one nearby to peruse while sipping a morning coffee. A few worth visiting are:

The Larchmont farmers market for their intimate neighborhood feel.
The Ann Arbor farmers market for selections like lettuces from Tantre Farms and fresh cheese from Zingerman’s Creamery.
Smorgasburg in Brooklyn for a truly endless amount of artisan food from every different ethnicity to fill your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack needs.
The Heritage Square Santa Monica farmers market because it’s smaller than the other major market in the area, you’re next to the beach…and there’s a bike valet.

…and for an international flair, the Naschmarkt in Vienna for every type of produce you have and haven’t heard of…picture white asparagus as thick as tree branches and spiky green football sized fruits.


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