I was introduced to Sarika Tarsadia through her company Together by Gravity. Her beautiful jewelry is what drew me in, but the message and motivation behind her designs are what made me keep looking. As described by Sarika, “Inspired by my passion for education and my love for design, I launched Together By Gravity in 2014, as a way to connect my Indian cultural heritage with my California roots to create one of-a-kind pieces that go beyond the material. Each bracelet funds a child’s education for an entire year.”

“The name Together By Gravity emerged from the meaning of my name Sarika — “Star” in Hindi. It is the definition of how a star is held together. Hoping to bring out the radiating inner beauty and spirit of a star for those who wear my pieces and for those who are in need.

Together By Gravity is truly an extension of everything I embody. Staying true to my California roots all my designs are inspired by my love of what nature provides us in the beauty of the ocean and the earth. I found myself combining a variety of textures and materials I would find from my travels from around the world.

Having had the opportunity to visit the home village of my father and grandparents in Gujarat, India many times throughout my life, I was deeply impacted by the children in the village. As someone personally affected with my own education challenges, I knew I wanted to find away to create awareness and provide these children quality education no matter their birthplace or perceived disadvantage.

As I continue to grow the collection for Together By Gravity, my ultimate goal is to expand my efforts to provide employment opportunities to the families in rural India through artisan craftsmanship. In hopes for every piece created, I want those who wear Together by Gravity to believe that the choice we make for others and ourselves are making progress in the world; because together we can change the world, one bracelet at a time.”

Sarika and I sat down over coffee one day to plan out a new collaboration for the Popover Shop. We both wanted to highlight her work but also the charitable message behind each bracelet and the meaning behind the natural beads she works with. We thought about combinations, Sarika explained the meaning behind each bead while I eyed a few exceptionally sparkly options. We eventually settled on small matte black onyx beads accented with one small sandalwood bead. Onyx is worn to sharpen your senses, guard against negativity and help release emotions such as sorrow and grief helping you focus on the positive aspects in your life. Together the two materials create an understated look, a small accent with a big message, one that is well worth a second look.

Shop the limited edition bracelet Sarika created just for the Popover Shop here.