Living in California has its perks and one of them is that fresh food and healthy options are very easy to find. People may joke about our green juices and vegan options, but those diet choices truly make the body and mind feel better. You can’t enjoy those sunny days unless you feel good too! There is one place in particular that every healthy eater knows about, where bowls of satisfying food are delivered to every table, and each waiter exudes healthy living as they read off specials like Gracious and Fulfilled. This glowing place is called Cafe Gratitude and the lengthy waits at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a true testament to how a plant based restaurant can compete with the top food spots in town. Here patrons can enjoy a Happy wrap or an Extraordinary BLT while sipping on Vibrant matcha latte or Refreshed lemonade. Top it off with an Adoring tiramisu and you’ll leave satisfied and fulfilled. There is something cozy about holding a deep bowl of fresh ingredients so lately I’ve been recreating these nutritious bowls and home for me and my husband. A deep white bowl acts as a starting point and all it takes is a layering of fiber-filled, protein-packed additions like brown rice, tender greens, and fatty avocado slices. This gratitude bowl begins with a base of brown rice and black beans, then gets layered with cold crisp pea shoots, sliced cherry tomatoes, and a spoonful of pico de gallo with its juices to act as a sauce. A small handful of cheese can be added for extra flavor. This is a curled up Sunday type of meal, where the TV is on without apology and who cares that it’s only 6pm and your makeup is off, slippers on.

The latest terms that are floating around the city are glowing and clean eating. Our water is alkalized and cactus juice is trumping coconut water. It can get a little crazy and who really knows if we’re glowing to our full potential and eating the whole-est of foods without incessantly bothering the Whole Foods employees? Just let them restock that kombucha shelf in peace already. This is when a simple comforting bowl comprised of easy ingredients is all it takes to bring the holistic mantra back down to earth, get your body ready for another week, and still manage to clear out that DVR before heading to bed.