Weekends are a precious time, something that asks for leisurely days when the morning feels like a lifetime ago once the evening festivities begin. It’s a little bit indulgent, an opportunity to justify doing nothing, an excuse to order that second cocktail at the restaurant you’ve been dying to try, but it’s also a time to truly be at home in the home. A major part of the weekend also involves Sunday dinner, an event that looks different for everyone. Served on the coffee table for two people or spread along a formally set dining table, the majority of Sunday nights are a gathering of people looking to share that final glimpse of the weekend together. Recently Heather of HMN Photography and I gathered a few friends to enjoy a casual Sunday meal together while she was in town visiting. It wasn’t set in a trendy venue or prepped to look editorially gorgeous, but the act of cooking together, sharing stories over food, and sitting down in good company made the evening beautiful on its own. I often get asked what the name Popover means, it’s a cute airy treat and a whimsical name, but how does that translate to something bigger. Popover truly comes from the desire to gather people in an informal way, stop by for an intimate event at home, chat about the latest events, and share a moment together. It is to ultimately learn about something interesting from another person, creating your own collection of unique ways to stylize your life and what better way to connect than around the dinner table on a Sunday night?

In the golden glow of my living room Heather captured simple moments like preparing fresh vegetables, folding napkins, laughing over wine and beer, and indulging in fresh and chocolatey warm cookies. It was a Popover gathering that put an intimate spin on our recent spring lunch and got the summer season going. Earlier that day Heather and I headed into Santa Monica to pick up the asparagus, cherries, and herbs for the dinner. To get the full farmers market experience we ended the trip in Larchmont where we picked out vibrant baskets of heirloom tomatoes and leafy branches to fill the vases at home. Since the day was warm I put together a salad of mini tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, flaky salt, and a drizzle of oil. Roasted chicken with rosemary was brightened up with a squeeze of scorched lemon halves, balsamic glazed potatoes and asparagus paired nicely on the plate, and a hot batch of popovers rounded out the menu. Our guests treated everyone to decadent chocolate chip cookies from Vanilla Bake Shop, which was a perfectly fitting way to end a family meal.

The topics discussed included a trip to the Getty Museum and how to dine al fresco in their courtyard, the ins-and-outs of starting a record collection (start with the $2 bin at the flea market), how to teach yourself ukelele chords, happy hour picnics listening to jazz concerts, and the sold out striped denim jeans found in last month’s Vogue. It was a mix of conversations, each one giving inspiration for the next week, season, or for life in general, but on a much simpler level, the casual chats were a way to savor the last bits of the weekend and share in a friendly dinner tradition.

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All photos by HMN Photography

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