When we first moved into our apartment Paul and I found that the hardwood floors were quite squeaky and not too forgiving for the neighbors below. I do my best to tip-toe around in the morning, but when I’m rushing to get out the door I really can’t promise that I won’t traipse up and down the hallway multiple times….and so began my journey to find the perfect floor covering that could keep me and the neighbors happy. I spent far too much time searching, but I really wanted to find pieces that would blend with the room while still making an impact. I’m past the point of buying something just to fill the space, so the hunt for the perfect area rug was a serious endeavor. Browsing through the various options, from flatweave to flokati, I quickly became overwhelmed with the pattern options and figured neutral would be the best way to go, but then I started happening upon images of layered rugs. I had a hard enough time finding one rug so the thought of two just didn’t make sense, but seeing the style in the pages of Elle and Domino unveiled a whole new way to double the rug pleasure in a room.

Most of my rooms now have their foundation pieces, jute hallways, flokati bedroom, and a flatweave dining room, so the next step is to find their companions. A quick side note, a flokati rug requires maintenance and I have spent several Sundays grooming the fluffy white fabric as is it were a pet. Pattern mixing is a personal thing so there aren’t many rules and I think if you’re spending the time to layer, you already have a passion for design and are therefore confident enough to try something new. To make it a little easier, I broke down the look into four possibilities, metallic, graphic, natural, and bold. Try a weave with a slight shine then accent with a similar flat color, like silver and grey, or highlight a geometric pattern with a neutral bottom layer. The natural style is where I am headed, with a thick woven rug and textured topper, but I may throw down a bold and bright rug with something fluffy on top. It’s all about the textures with the last one so don’t be afraid to go for the big color palate with a mix of textures.


metallic (bottom / top), graphic (bottom / top), natural (bottom / top), bold (bottom / top)