Ever since I was a child, I have loved every aspect of design. From the colors and patterns of textiles, to paint colors, to striking lines of furniture and everything in between, I have been obsessed. My oldest memory that revealed my love of design was when my mother’s interior designer came to the house and gave me carpet, fabric and wallpaper samples to play with. I believe I was five years old. With those samples, I ornamented elaborate dollhouses constructed of shoeboxes. Although I cannot recall this, my grandmother told me that even before that, when I could barely talk, I pointed to her living room sofa and noticed that she had rearranged the pillows. Design is, and always has been, a big part of me.


As a teenager, I went through design phases. First there was my obsession with all things vintage, Shabby Chic, and Rachel Ashwell. Then there was my love for more modern looks and pops of color. As I worked in furniture design in my early twenties, I gained a new appreciation for contemporary décor and clean lines. Since then, I have been able to really define my personal style, picking and choosing elements from each of those categories and beyond to create my unique aesthetic.



I believe that a home should be first and foremost, warm and welcoming. In order to create that feeling, it is important to mix new items with heirloom pieces or those from weathered sources like antique shops and flea markets. In my house, I have a pair of antique Louis XVI chairs that I had painted and reupholstered. The classic lines of the chairs in an unexpected color and fabric allow me to place them with more contemporary pieces. My style mixes old with new, traditional with reimagined. I’ve started all my interior design projects with a fabric scheme as a jumping-off point. Fabrics and creating color schemes are my absolute favorite parts of designing.


My love for creating beautiful environments led me to where I am now as an event stylist and planner. My background in design allows me to come up with distinctive color schemes, themes and details tailored to each event. There’s nothing I love more than pulling together a party with the utmost attention to the little design details. Space planning, designing table settings, choosing event furniture and linens, and creating layouts for dessert tables have all been made possible by my background and passion for design.

– Hannah Matthew

Hannah Matthew is a California based party stylist and event planner. She began her career in interior design which grew into her own lifestyle company called Sweets and Celebrations where she plans and creates memorable events for her clients. Learn more about Hannah’s amazing talents and services on her website. Find Hannah on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.