No matter how old I get or how much my taste in decorating matures I will always have a soft spot for glitter. Luckily I’ve moved beyond the big chunky flakes found at nearly every craft table and have opted for the fine flecks that purely provide a bit of shimmer. Done in the right way and with huge amounts of constraint, glitter can actually put a chic spin on otherwise common objects. To add a little interest to a cocktail table I was arranging, I decided to up the game on those little plastic swords and mermaids and craft something a bit more special. Using simple skewers and a brush of glue each stick received a pouf of red and a dip of platinum colored glitter before they were bundled into a jar resting on the bar. The picks are perfect to use in signature cocktails at an event, lined up on a platter of appetizers, or as an added flourish to a party. Try mixing the colors for each event or skipping the pom pom all together and going for a sleek skewer accented with a glittering tip.