This month we welcome The Essential Man into the Popover Shop. Lorenzo Diggins is the talented designer behind this large accessories line that isn’t just for the men, women are fans of his high quality fabric pieces too. We have had the honor or working with Lorenzo for a number of projects so it was only natural to team up with him again to create something specially for Popover readers. Combining two 100% Japanese fabrics he crafted The Duo Utility Scarf, a unisex piece that is soft enough to style around necks and wrists, but durable enough to get tossed around a bit. We were inspired by a traditional handkerchief when creating this limited edition piece, those iconic paisly printed red and blue ones that don the necks of cowboys, faces of motorcyclists, and street style icons alike. Mixing an ever-popular chambray material with a vintage inspired floral pop gave The Duo Utility Scarf a more casual look with an updated twist. Lorenzo took great care in selecting just the right weight and look of each fabric and the entire process of working with him was a great look into how the design process works. A few cups of coffee and sketches in our notebooks took this handkerchief from a brainstorm to an actual product. We are incredibly excited to offer this limited edition piece as an exclusive in the Popover Shop.