My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood and like any newbie we’ve been searching for the best of everything in our area. We’re lucky to live in a spot that has received a lot of attention for its abundance of cafes, furniture stores, and bars, but one of the most exciting things is to find independent chefs serving gourmet food from the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that line the streets. On one particular morning we were craving something new for brunch, the week was busy and our day was packed with final home preparation, therefore we needed comfort food. When going out to eat the trip has to be worth it and I often drive myself crazy trying to find the newest, most popular, or secret locale that makes the calories worth it. Tucked down a side street and nestled along the metro tracks was where my search lead us for brunch that morning. The spot on the map was Good Girl Dinette and after reading about their Vietnamese fusion food I was intrigued to taste their breakfast.

We walked in early on a Sunday morning so the group was quiet and peacefully sipping on their coffees while digging into what looked like steaming ceramic dishes of eggs. In one corner a strikingly handsome couple were smiling over plates of food while behind us a group of friends pondered their menus while chatting. It felt like we were dining among the locals and the relaxed vibe of the cafe was exactly what we needed for that weekend morning. You could tell no one was rushing around here and there were no plans to change that anytime soon.

Back to my interest in what a Vietnamese fusion breakfast would look like. I anxiously searched for the recognizable pancakes and scrambles, but the menu was a pleasantly small selection of porridge and pho, eggs and hashes. I put in my order for a turmeric dill hash then relaxed into my seat with my coffee, soaking in our new neighborhood, mentally going through the bike path to this cafe. A sizzling plate of bright orange potatoes and a creamy dollop of dill cream was presented. It was all topped with a fried egg that had one of the brightest yolks I had eaten in a while. My husband and I slowly noshed on our potatoes and eggs, trying to savor the slow moments before our day of tasks started. Every other bite of food was accompanied by our amazement of how delicious our breakfasts were. I think our attempts to be one of the locals were squashed after every “Oh my god this is amazing” and “Really, oh my good this is so good!”, but the longer we sat there we started to blend in. The couple in the corner still sat happily staring at each other and the friends behind us still chatted on about their latest news. Their eyes didn’t drift questionably over to us wondering how we discovered their little local gem. Now as our home prep is slowing down and we’ve unpacked every box we’ll be able to spend a few more Sunday mornings at Good Girl Dinette not as a visitor, but as the locals we spotted tried to be last time.

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