I’ve always had fun playing around with lettering and words and personally find it a little sad that cursive isn’t taught anymore. Something about the swirling letters and embellished lines make words looks so much prettier than the bold-face varieties. I tend to write in a letter/cursive hybrid that often turns into big exaggerated letters that don’t work too well on real world documents. They do however work perfectly as phrases and words on personalized serving pieces. The trick to making these pieces last is to use very clean ceramic plates and a standard Sharpee. Pick an inexpensive white version from a kitchen supply store, hand draw the words you like or tape off a design. Once the plate is finished place it into a cold oven and heat to 350-degrees after the oven reaches the temperature leave the plate in for another 30 minutes. The slow heating keeps the plate from cracking. I went for a metallic pen because I wanted the plates to have a nice shine on the holiday table, something that would look cozy and reflect the mood of the dinner party. Paired with a light table, white candles, and silver accents the metallic words add a unique and personalized touch to a standard place setting.


Clean plates thoroughly making sure no oil is left over. Tape guides for designs if desired.



Bake plates at 350-degrees for 30 minutes making sure to place the plates in the cold oven while it is pre-heating then starting the timer once oven is hot.