This is a special neighborhood I’ve mentioned before, but tucked in between Hollywood and Koreatown in the Los Angeles area you can find a mini suburban town that looks completely out of place in the thick of the city. This little pocket is called Larchmont and every weekend the one block strip of the Village explodes with coffee sippers reading newspapers, strollers dragging slightly behind dogs on leashes, yoga pant clad ladies picking up green juices after a spin class, and canvas totes carrying fresh vegetables and flowers from the open air market. This is how Hollywood does the suburbs, a place that feels just like home with a touch of glitz and beauty added to the mix. I never took the time to explore this area when I was younger, but now that my home is within biking distance I find myself working a Larchmont trip into my usual weekend routine. While most of the buildings are neighborhood inspired in their design, there is a small coffee shop that consists of a large window facade, blank white walls, and a long plywood bar. Tiny tables flank the sides, each accompanied by scrap plywood stools for perching. A clean white sign at the front spells out “go get em tiger” in thick black cursive letters. It’s the type of place you could never catch in time by car, but is perfectly acceptable to drop into during a walk down the street.

The first time I visited Go Get Em Tiger (GGET) I noticed the thick brick loaves of white bread stacked haphazardly against the back counter. A large grill press sat warming beside them, along with a commanding serrated knife. To my extreme pleasure I learned that their simple menu included toasted buttery bread served with house-made orange marmalade and from that moment I knew I could never hate a place that served toast and jam. The long back counter is their only true “prep” area and you can watch the baristas as they slice, spread, and arrange delectable breakfast and lunch treats beyond their comforting toast slices. Smashed avocado on bread, savory waffles, poached eggs, and more are all prepared per order by the same person making your morning cappuccino. The long counter is where I like mingle after ordering a strong espresso with a sidecar of their homemade macadamia and almond milk. The glorious mixture sits in a jug behind the counter and I’ve made it a point to make everyone who visits with me try the nutty and slightly sweet combination. The entire feel of this small coffee bar is completely relaxed, exactly how a local and faux-suburban shop should be. Visitors nestle up to the bar to sip and eat their morning orders, dads sit in the corner with their sons sharing cheddar waffles, dogs doze in and out under the feet of their owners reading books on the outdoor stools, and I sit back to soak in the relaxing scene that unfolds every weekend. The little coffee shop can be found on nearly every LA foodie’s list and the endless Instagrams from fans has quickly upped GGET’s insider status, but each weekend when I lock my bike to the tree in front of their door, walk in to order a slice of toast and coffee, I feel like I’m visiting a local stop where the neighborhood gathers every morning.

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