It’s amazing how one introduction to a creative person can open the doors to a society of creative thinkers, artisans, and entrepreneurs. It isn’t just reserved for the elite few who have effectively branded their names across multiple platforms; creative businesses can run the gamut from a single person in a studio to a team in a warehouse. Popover was always meant to feature the stories of multiple people and how to make a stylish life attainable through the insights of different backgrounds, so when starting our Instagram account I reached out to that creative pool to takeover and make the public images their own. It began with our Midwest Editor who has established herself as not only a wedding photographer, but a true artist behind the lens, constantly looking for a new way to push beyond her boundaries. From there The Essential Man gave a glimpse into his world of approachable fashion as told through a casual weekend exploring the best places to visit across Los Angeles. We’ve looked into the studio of The Home Ground to see how serene and natural settings inspire her life, while Sorella Muse Photography took us through a beautiful day of flower marts and photoshoots, resulting in some magical floral photos. The Executive Director of Clementine Daily provided beautiful abstract photos to tell her story of a day in the life and One Love Photography showed us how they manage their weddings from the initial consultation to the necessary day after brunch. This week we welcomed the owner of Hayworth and Heart as she shared the personal side of her life including fresh fish tacos and a covetable fireplace in her home.

What started with one takeover has grown into a continuous flow of guest instagramers who each have their own photography styles and story telling approaches. The list will continue to grow as that network of creators gets bigger and one introduction turns into many. I’ve had fun getting a little glimpse into the world of these people and following their photos is just as much a surprise for me as it is for our followers and with time that list of contributors and takeovers will continue to grow.


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