Last weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a few hours with Brittany Campbell, artist and owner of online artisan marketplace, The Home Ground. In her shop you’ll find a lovingly curated collection of ceramics, photography, and other items for the home, handcrafted by a talented group of artists. In addition to these goods, The Home Ground features custom designed jewelry created by Brittany herself. Inspired by elements found in nature, Brittany works with a combination of metals and natural stones to create unique one of a kind pieces.

Admittedly, I’m normally a bit nervous meeting people for the first time, especially when I have just a brief window in which to get acquainted and take a series of photographs. However, as I pulled up the long gravel drive to Brittany’s home and took in the cozy screened in porch, wildflowers growing in the garden and the enormous shaggy dog [Charr] standing sentry in the window, I knew I’d feel right at home.

Greeted with a warm hug and an iced cold latte, I felt instantly welcomed. We began our chat on the screened in porch, sipping our coffee and enjoying a late breakfast of croissants with goat cheese and apricot jam. I snapped a few photos of Brittany at her loom, getting reacquainted with one of her first loves – textiles.

What began as a simple getting to know you conversation quickly evolved into a deeper and more philosophical discussion about the challenges of being an artist and entrepreneur all while holding down a job in the real world. We both agree – it’s like having two lives. Finding a balance can be incredibly difficult and stressful. How do you structure time outside of the office to work on your art? How do you find the time to nurture personal relationships? Are you getting enough sleep? We both realized that while we may not have all of the answers, what we do have is a mutual understanding that it’s a tough yet all too common situation in today’s creative culture. Work as hard as you can, sacrifice as much as you can all in the hopes that you’ll eventually be able to pursue your creative endeavors full time. And for Brittany, this might look like owning an actual brick and mortar version of The Home Ground.

As the morning progressed, we drifted to the back of the house, to Brittany’s studio. An artists’ space is always sacred ground to me so I tend to tread lightly and respectfully. I was instantly drawn to the chalkboard wall, a place where custom orders can be noted and to do lists casually written down. After taking several photos, we selected a few of Brittany’s own pieces to photograph on her, outside under the huge shady tree in the backyard. In between shutter clicks and rearranging jewelry, we soon realized that we were forming a friendship and the day took on a whole new meaning.











Photos and article by HMN Photography.

To see more of Brittany’s work visit her online store.