I’m fairly certain that there aren’t enough superlatives in the English vocab to accurately describe the delightful creations that Detroit company Bon Bon Bon is concocting out of their Hamtramck kitchen. Alex Clark is the chocolate mastermind + owner behind the shop which has two locations in the Detroit area. A true chocolatier, Alex’s studies have taken her all over the world to learn both the business and culinary side of crafting, marketing and selling unique and distinctive chocolates.

We visited Alex at her downtown Detroit showroom, where a large counter filled with tiny orange numbered boxes beckoned, each row fronted by an unwrapped sample and description. Alex was gracious enough to let us select a few samples to try, while her and her mother readied themselves for the day’s business.

Our introductory chocolate was the Mac n Cheese [French macaron, mascarpone ganache] and the first bite was heavenly. I carefully selected and ordered a few more to take home and slowly enjoy with a glass of champagne. Because these aren’t chocolates for devouring by the handful, these are chocolates meant for leisurely biting into and savoring with eyes closed.

The chocolates are carefully packaged in cardboard, each tiny box aligned next to a coordinating, numbered stamp that labels the flavor. Each box is then folded, sealed, banded, and stamped again before being taken home.The ingenious packaging design, coupled with the product itself makes for a playful and delightful experience, start to finish. The packaging — a straightforward nod to the history of industry in Detroit and the chocolates — inspired by a mingling of various cultures and nationalities that have been a staple in the city & surrounding neighborhoods for many years, both provide a rich and meaningful backstory to Bon Bon Bon.

And we totally agree with their motto, “Good People Deserve Good Chocolate”.












Article and photos by Heather of HMN Photography
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