This week Paul and I returned from our little European vacation and while there will be many amazing things to share in the coming weeks, I wanted to quickly reminisce about the abundance of flowers sold on nearly every block we visited. Patrons biking from work would pick out their favorite stems, have them wrapped up in butcher paper, tied with twine, then packed into their bags for the journey home. The whole process looked idyllic and perfectly fitting for the beginning of spring. This is the season of sun and flowers, fresh scented things that only bloom in the small window that bridges winter to summer. While not everyone has the luxury of picking up beautifully arranged bouquets to fill their home every day, there are those go-to blooms that can be displayed casually at home in a simple vase. Sometimes a cluster of only one type of flower is all it takes to bring some light to a room, whether it is a low vase of cabbage roses, tied bundle of lilac, or a casual mason jar with fragrant hyacinth. My go-to flower of choice is the hydrangea with their big white clusters, heavy green leaves, and sturdy stocks that keep them looking fresh for weeks at a time. This flower represents heartfelt emotions and while that may only be an interpretation, I like to think that I’m setting out flowers to invite people into my home…in a heartfelt way. I’ll trim the stalks into shorter pieces then cluster them together in a low vase. I also display one stem at a time in tall sea glass or recycled glass vases. The pristine white and vibrant green of the arrangements make remind me of chic hotels and calm spaces and while my apartment isn’t quite a five star getaway, the hydrangeas are just as welcoming and equally as relaxed.