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Can I customize a pre-made box

We make sure every box is complete and cohesive, therefore you cannot customize a pre-made box from the shop. However, if you wish to order multiple boxes for an organization or for corporate gifting please visit our custom page to learn more.

How do you source your items?

We are constantly searching for new items to make our boxes memorable. We partner with small makers who have products that fit the Popover aesthetic, regularly search through Pinterest and Instagram, and find inspiration from the restaurants, cafes, and shops we frequent.

I love one product in your box, can I buy it separately?

Unfortunately we cannot sell items individually as they are meant to be part of a set to enhance the workplace and home. They also factor in to the overall pricing of the box. We will from time to time hold sales with leftover stock. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get notified when these happen.

Your boxes seem expensive, what goes into the cost?

We believe in using the best products possible for our boxes, which is what makes them great gifts. The makers of the items are often crafting them by hand or using quality materials. If you were to purchase all of the contents separately the total cost would be above our pre-made box prices. We believe this small investment up front will be well worth the multiple uses you will get from each box.

I am a business owner, can I buy work boxes for my new hires?

Yes! The best way to welcome a new employee is with a work box. It not only makes them feel invited into the company, it will keep your office looking stylish too. If you would like to customize a box specifically for your company please visit our custom page to get started.

Can I submit a product to be considered for one of you entertaining or work boxes?

We are always looking for new products to include in upcoming boxes. Please use our contact form on the About page to get in touch.

Why does my box have different items than what is pictured?

Since our vendors often make products by hand or have limited stock, on occasion an item may become unavailable. In those cases we will include another item of equal value and function so your box can still be used for the same purposes. We will never include an item that does not live up to our standards.

Shipping and Packaging

Why do you use cardboard boxes rather than gift boxes?

The contents of our boxes are what matters and once the box is empty you can use it for storage or just go ahead and recycle it.

I plan on sending a box as a gift, do you have any gift wrapping services?

The interior of each box is wrapped with tissue and we are happy to include a hand written note. Please include a message with your note when checking out.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Currently we cannot ship outside of the U.S. We are working on additional shipping locations.

Can I return my box?

We cannot accept any returns at this time, however if something arrives damaged please contact us within 5 days of arrival in order to get a replacement piece. Once we are notified we will work with our vendors to get a new piece quickly if it is currently out of stock.

My tracking number says the box was delivered, but it never arrived?

We will do our best to look into what happened to your order and will follow up with the carrier service. Unfortunately some things are out of our hands and we cannot account for unforeseen circumstances like stolen packages. We recommend filing a shipping claim in the rare occurrence this happens. Our boxes are currently shipped with USPS.

How can I track my order?

Once you place your order and it is processed you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All of our boxes are packed by hand and we will assemble and prep your box within 3-5 business days upon receipt of order. We ship via USPS Ground Delivery. Since many of our vendors make their items in small batches we will occasionally need to lengthen our lead times. The individual product pages will note if longer lead times are in effect.


Im opening an office or restaurant, can you select our work/serving items?

Yes! Our boxes are only part of what Popover provides. If you are opening and office and want to style the desks, or opening a restaurant and need the plates, cups, linens, etc., reach out to us on the About page to talk about our consulting services.

I would like to write for the Popover blog, how can I submit an article?

Popover started as a blog and we still maintain a dedicated page for articles about stylish living. If you are a writer and have an idea for an article about entertaining, travel, or cooking please reach out to us on our About page.

Does Popover still host gatherings?

Currently we are focusing our efforts on our boxes. However, if you are a brand that is interested in partnering, or would like to include our boxes in one of your own social events we would love to hear your ideas. Please reach out to us on our About page.