I was introduced to Ella Swenson, creator of the incredible clothing line, Ella Sven while living in Ann Arbor. I was completely blown away by her dedication to classically made clothes that she re-imagines as high fashion pieces of art. Hand stitched beading, delicately painted embellishments, and an eye for tailoring have turned her brand into a quickly growing company that involves clothing, jewelry, perfume, and a newly launched online shop. Her studio is set up like a treasure trove of found objects meant to inspire the season being designed or photoshoot of the day. When the interview took place there was even a little nest with a blue bird’s egg propped up among her vases and jars. The setting is a creative thinker’s haven, one that can no doubt inspire the couture-like work Ella crafts. Her pieces have already received a handful of nods from the fashion industry which are apparent in her fantastical photoshoots which have become full blown productions with some of the areas top photographers, stylists, and models. Since meeting Ella during my time in Michigan her company has grown substantially and her clothes continue to receive praise among the industry and her dedicated buyers. Make sure to check out her online shop for the newest additions to her collection.





Heather of HMN Photography is a regular contributor for Popover and is based in Michigan.