In a city that is packed with creative minds, unique locations, gourmet restaurants, and unbelievable weather it’s no secret that events are going to mirror those same magical qualities. Turn that event into a wedding and the expectation to create the best day ever becomes quite overwhelming. This is where it helps to have the experts step in to ease the concerns of husbands and wives-to-be who need a little support in creating their dream I-do’s. Los Angeles based wedding planners WINK! Weddings provides those services and more by unveiling a world of vendors and venues to their couples with an approachable flair and style. I sat down with the ladies behind the company at Los Angeles’ newest downtown scene, the Ace Hotel to chat over a few bites and cocktails about their approach to coordinating the big day. At Popover we’re all about sharing the stories that pop up over a casual gathering, so this meeting was the perfect way to get the scoop on LA’s newest wedding trends.



Jennifer Williger and Elizabeth Vining are the managing coordinators behind WINK! Weddings and both share an affinity for precisely organized events that live up to their client’s dreams. Jenn has been married for four years while Liz is in the midst of planning her own big day, so their passion for wedded bliss hits close to home. We sat down in the black and white tiled dining room of LA Chapter, the hotel’s people watching mecca of an eatery and the perfect place to discuss the trends that stylish couples will be looking for this year. Liz describes Jenn’s aesthetic as classic vineyard with the ability to embellish in all the right places, while Jenn describes Liz as a chameleon when it comes to her brides. “Liz is a perfectionist and adapts to the wedding style of her brides…she is very good at asking questions” says Jenn. The two are in constant contact and bounce inspiration off of each other all the time, whether it is a scent that recalls a fabulous memory or visualizing a countryside wedding done with a black-tie flair. These are the background thoughts that get WINK! brides excited to plan with Liz and Jenn. As an intimate coordinating company, the planners have the ability to be in constant contact with their brides at all times, try them at 1am and maybe it’s a different story, but nonetheless it’s a welcome exchange with their clients.




As glasses of wine appeared on the table and decadent waffles were tasted we shifted the conversation to the personal trends each girl predicts. “The trend is back to basics…a white on white aesthetic” says Jenn, while Liz describes an approachable elegance created in grand venues. She is in the middle of planning a wedding centered around the Space Shuttle Endeavour, a location that can’t get much grander and one that would probably make my husband ask to get married again. They both see the use of greens like garlands and ferns becoming more prevalent, while a Restoration Hardware vibe is on the horizon. Who doesn’t lust over the pages of that catalog? The look is also shifting to a more rich, deep, and over styled (in a good way) look, one that isn’t “loose”. The hotel is the perfect model of that style as seen in the gilded table tops and worn leather banquettes accented with heavy upholstered pillows. A play on the classic New York black and white cookie was presented to our table which shifted the conversation to sweets.

Forget the candy bars and homemade baked goods table, “cakes are back!” exclaimed Liz.

Geometric cakes are making a starkly minimal and chic statement as the focal point in the room. Both Jenn and Liz use interiors as inspirations and are finding that Southwest style with woven bright fabrics are being incorporated into weddings while brides shouldn’t shy away from bold colors, but rather embrace their impact.


The conversation continued to linger even after the plates were cleared while the talented eye of Sara Allen from Onelove Photography was able to capture our final laughs before we headed over to the photobooth to partake in a little black and white photo session. The trends that Jenn and Liz discussed seemed to fit perfectly with the aesthetic of our venue that day. An environment that is approachable, far from the stuffy lobbies often found in downtown, a setting that is decorated with Southwest textiles, and accented with ornate fixtures and paneling. Jenn and Liz seem to be right on the pulse of the style brides will see once it’s time to walk down the aisle.


All photos by Onelove Photography (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Special thanks to Jennifer Williger and Elizabeth Vining and WINK! Weddings.
Location: Ace Hotel Downtown LA