It seems to be the consensus that August is the month that finally feels like summer. While working is still steadily humming along, the head slips into vacation mode, days feel longer, meals are eaten outside, and everyone seems to have a sun-kissed glow. When I began the latest Popover Shop collaboration with Hayworth and Heart creator, Suraiya Nanji, we both wanted to create something that held onto summer while hinting towards the fall. Suraiya creates delicately scented candles for her shop made of essential oils that she sources and combines on her own. With aromas like musk, vanilla, black tea, and patchouli her candles offer a sophisticated scent for the home. She had been working on a campfire combination for some time so an item that could bridge August’s summer nights to September’s cozy days felt like a good fit for the shop. Any classic summer film or memory probably includes a beach bonfire so her vision for the limited edition product needed to combine the final scent of summer with the coziness of fall. What better way to capture that feeling than with a fireside moment? We sat in Suraiya’s beautiful Hollywood apartment smelling testers of campfire inspired candles on her light-filled dining room table. Some had a deep smoke flavor, others highlighted floral notes, and one in particular had the best masculine scent that every guy should try to wear. Finally we found a blend that reminded us of a California beach and a smoky fire pit, the type that can easily transition into a crisp fall fireside with blankets and s’mores. She taught me how essential oils result in deep lingering scents along with how to achieve perfectly filled jars of wax. I wandered through Suraiya’s apartment marveling at the trinkets she so perfectly styles in her cozy home while she labeled the selected samples for our collaboration. The result of that afternoon was a sophisticated candle inspired by the natural beauty of the West Coast and the campfires of California’s coastal beaches. The warm and woodsy clean-burning hand poured soy wax candle features notes of pine, cedar and ash. I’m excited to bring this item to the Popover Shop and hope everyone can hold onto summer a little longer with Hayworth and Heart’s limited edition candle.