Coconut bread from Smitten Kitchen


For me, Sunday mornings are usually the quiet and slow paced hours of the day. Even my occasional early workouts are done when the city is only waking up and the streets are quiet and clear of pedestrians. It sounds cliche to say that the weekends need to be savored, but on Sundays I really believe that statement to be true. When I first started Popover I created it with those casual mornings and the meals that accompany them in mind. A time to spend with friends or at home over the paper learning something new, recapping the latest events, and engaging in leisurely acts that have nothing to do with the grind of Monday morning. This led me to the idea of sharing my Sunday mornings with you as readers. It’s an opportunity to talk about those stories, finds, and events that sparked my interest over the past few days. Of course, a good Sunday isn’t complete without a tasty breakfast or brunch, so whether it is over decadent pancakes stacked high, an endless mimosa, or a quick cappuccino and toast, this series is meant to invite you to share in the relaxing feeling that happens when you come together to eat.

This week I featured the wonderful stylings of Hannah Matthew from Sweets and Celebrations and a must visit San Diego shop from Conni Jespersen of Art in the Find, two ladies who represent the Popover mentality perfectly. The weekend also included a visit to Downtown LA’s newest addition to the hotel scene, Ace Hotel. The vintage theater building is everything you would expect from the boutique hotelier. An exceptionally deco inspired restaurant that comes complete with brass tables, beautiful tile work, and of course cartoon pencil sketches dotted throughout. Don’t miss the one of Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing above the banquettes. A mid-afternoon lunch working with some lovely ladies on an upcoming collaboration made the visit extra special.

Of course this week culminates in Valentine’s Day which I will unapologetically say is my favorite holiday….it’s not fake. While I’m holding back and not decorating I am finding inspiration in a few other places to make the day feminine and romantic. Moon Canyon is a local Los Angeles florist and their work embodies the undone arrangements beautifully. They shared a wildflower bouquet easy enough for the guys to make on Designlovefest and the result was definitely worth picking up a few bunches from the flower mart to recreate at home. While diamonds and jewels are not what most people will be opening on the 14th I have been drawn to minimal and delicate accessories lately. I discovered jeweler Young Frankk while perusing Etsy and have been eying her selections ever since. Her jewelry adds little accents to fingers, wrists, and necks with hammered gold and geometric shapes and offer an alternative gift for loved ones.

This weekend also marked the beginning of New York Fashion Week and while I’m not braving the cold streets in my street style outfits I have been following the runways. This winter white coat from Victoria Beckham looks like the perfect ladylike companion to a sleek black dress or tailored pants. It may always be a lust piece, but the stark white angles are already giving me ideas on how to thin out my wardrobe and purchase timeless black and white. The beauty this season has also been inspiring me to up my skin care routine in preparation for the fresh faced, full eyebrow, glossed lip look as seen backstage. The trend is all about effortless beauty and you can see more variations here.

Time to get the day going and dive into the tasks of the day…which may include another slice of coconut bread. Look out for more fun stories and finds next Sunday.