There are certain things you will always find at a standard dinner party, items that are as expected as a gifted bottle of wine or a pristine plate of cut veggies. This is the place to forgo the usual and add your own stamp on the party, a signature element that makes guests know what they are going to get when entering your home and sitting at the dinner table. A selection of cheeses pre-meal and dark chocolate squares post-meal are two favorites I serve, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to expand on the classics now and then. A cheese plate can get pretty predictable with the setup of three cheeses (soft, hard, blue)….crackers….zzzzzz, but I like to switch it up and try new combinations with fruits, nuts, savory, and sweet items. For a dinner over the weekend I decided to update my standard plate and serve a new favorite mix of blue cheese and blueberry jam. I’ve playfully named it my blue and blue combo because the sharp Gorgonzola pairs perfectly with any standard blueberry jam (one with whole berries). It’s still a quick go-to when planning a meal, but gives guests something new to slice into when they’re expecting a familiar grouping of cheeses. The flavorful combo doesn’t even need a gourmet cracker or crusty bread as its vessel and tastes just as gourmet spread on one of those water crackers pulled from the box everyone has stashed away in their cupboard for emergency cheese situations like this one.