bikemapIf you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen that I finally bought a bike and have been riding it almost every weekend. It feels so nice starting the morning with a sun filled ride around the neighborhood, stopping for coffee or popping into one of my favorite stores along the way. An even bigger plus is that I don’t have to turn my car on for the majority of the day. I have tested out a handful of the local places on foot, but with the bike I feel like no place is too far (within a 2 mile radius…I’m not hardcore cyclist yet). I am a big fan of the streets around my home and decided to put together a little map of the sights that shouldn’t be missed. A ride up one major street leads to fresh baked bread at La Brea Bakery, refreshing cold pressed juice from Clover, a number of great clothing and home stores like Shelter Half who sell incredibly crafted surfboards, bikes, and even have a camping tent set up in the back. The ride ends at Sycamore Kitchen which is my must visit weekend brunch spot. Down the other street takes you to LACMA which is a great way to spend the afternoon enjoying incredible art, plus it gives me an excuse to stop by Milk Jar Cookies for fresh baked delicious treats along with a side of milk. This little pocket of Los Angeles resides in mid-city and is a spot that is quickly expanding into a noticeable neighborhood, one that offers spots to visit in the morning and at night, just add a bike headlight and you’re good to go into the evening hours.