A few weeks ago a group of women met in a secluded home nestled in the hills of Silverlake, CA to drink, dine, and learn a bit about their inner astrology. The patio overlooked a picturesque view of the Hollywood sign and the glowing sunset above while the dining room displayed a long table inviting guests to nestle close to each other for an evening of food and conversation. The gathering was the outcome of a creative brainstorming session held between Popover and Creative Collective LA. I was introduced to Creative Collective’s vibrant owner, Mara Mehdy, through mutual friends and from that initial meeting we both knew a collaboration had to happen. Both companies have a distinct style so this event was sure to be a memorable mix of approachable entertaining and insightful personal discovery. Like all good gatherings, the guests became the focus and the table that evening did not disappoint. Artists, photographers, publicists, florists, and other equally creative backgrounds and mindsets filled the seats to kick off an evening rooted in what the stars would hold for 2016.

One of the most amazing parts of co-hosting a gathering is watching both contributor’s visions come together in those last moments when the scene is being set. Rustic blue dyed fabrics from Warp and Weft Dye Co. lined the table, while wildflower blooms from Lark Farnum Floral Design curled and stretched upwards out of vintage vases. Each plate displayed a hand painted menu from Kitty Moss sealed in it’s own constellation envelope. Ana DiGiallonardo from Salome was there early to capture every moment, from the thoughtful placecard arranging to the passing of food between conversations. Like a true family meal, bowls of roasted tomatoes and Mediterranean faro salad were shared alongside platters of flatbreads. A champagne cocktail concocted by the evening’s discussion leader kicked off the meal and from that moment on there wasn’t a quiet moment until the last guest left.

It was fitting that a discussion about horoscopes happened perched in a bird’s nest of a home under the stars of a clear night. Not to mention, the year is just kicking off and fresh starts are still on everyone’s mind. Cara George, co-owner of Mojave Rising led one of the best discussions on how each sign defines a person. We’re not talking pop horoscopes either found hiding in your spam e-mail folders, she dove into a root of each star sign from the energetic rise of Aries all the way down to Pisces’ mystical calm. Smiles, laughs, and moments of personal discovery flickered from guest to guest as each sign was introduced. Common bonds were quickly formed as people found their astrological partner across the table. The discussion rolled into where we see those horoscope traits leading us for the year, what attributes can we steal from another sign, and how to find that magical connection with someone when you are creating collaboratively. With Cara’s guidance each guest’s most personal traits were essentially exposed to those around them and when there may only be a few familiar faces in the crowd that vulnerability can be overwhelming. But, as the discussion built and layered upon additional comments and questions everyone reached the same conclusion that in what can be considered a fast-paced and competitive city, everyone is just looking to share something creatively with someone else. That evening, there weren’t any walls to break, there wasn’t any competition, just everyone’s innermost traits on the table.












Gathering by Popover and Creative Collective LA
Photos by Ana DiGiallonardo of Salome
Flowers by Lark Farnum Floral Design
Table fabric by Warp and Weft Dye Co.
Menus by Kitty Moss
Horoscope cards and discussion by Cara George Mojave Rising