This week my husband and I will celebrate our three year anniversary. I always joke with him that I will never get mad if he forgets the day, because I tend to forget to check when that circle appears on the calendar. Maybe it’s the fact that we are both in the thick of our careers and naturally remain pretty busy during the week, causing the special day to come around without our noticing, but this doesn’t mean that the landmark day isn’t any less special in our marriage. Of course I know deep down that if either of us were to forget to celebrate we would be pretty hurt, so this year I already thought ahead and picked out a gift that falls perfectly in line with the traditional list of yearly presents with a little twist. Paper, cotton, leather, and florals celebrate the early years, while the modern lists include things like clocks and appliances, but I’m an iPhone clock user and I’m happy with my current dishwasher. I remember our first year of marriage when I was tasked with finding something thoughtful, witty, and useful. Paper was the only theme and it got pretty boring pretty fast when all I could figure were journals…a stack of printer paper for his office just didn’t seem to showcase my love that well. In the end I picked out a simple card and wrote a long letter inside only for him. That card is tucked into a box along with other memorable notes shared between us and it easily beats out any spiral notebooks I could have given instead.

This year we’re celebrating leather which allows for a perfectly rugged gift for the husband and something timeless and ready to be broken in for me. I like to find gifts that are meaningful to the other person, something that is unexpected and interesting, so paying strict guidance to the traditional list of anniversary gifts can easily amount to a lot of generic paper, cotton, and leather knick-knacks. A little deviation from that list lends to creative approaches like a mysterious leather noted perfume, geometric paper gift boxes, and a rustic nature inspired room scent for the floral and fourth year of marriage. Even a simple paper card with a heartfelt message can turn out to be a uniquely unexpected gift.

Paper – left / right, Cotton – left / right, Leather – left / right, Floral – left / right