The season of friends-givings has almost become as important as the big day itself. We spend the year sharing memories with our friends so it’s only natural that the family centered meal should include those non-related figures in life. Popover gatherings are meant to build friendships over food and highlight how inspiring a good dinner party can be, so when it came time to plan the next gathering a friends-giving was top on the list. We partnered with the adorable local shop Shout and About because her long communal table, usually bursting with trinkets, plants, jewelry, gifts, and more just begged for a family meal to be served. Plus, the store owner, Tamara, has to be the friendliest person to collaborate with. We decided to split the guest list, creating an environment of familiar and new faces. There is always a moment of pause when guests meet for the first time, but as the intimate group of eight sat down to share homemade food the conversations, laughs, and thanks began flowing naturally.

The menu consisted of easy to share food that looked seasonally tasty, yet was incredibly easy to make. Everything kicked off with a ginger beer cocktail spiced with flavored bitters from Seven Stills of SF, balsamic chicken skewers with sweet potato were topped with pomegranate pearls and feta, while a winter salad featured toasted hazelnuts and big sweet pieces of dates. Mini cornbread muffins cured the carb cravings, but the star was definitely dessert. Kelley from Valley Cruise Press treated the guests to a decadent chocolate ganache tart with a pistachio crust. It’s the holidays after all, so dessert calories don’t count. The table itself was glowing with mini orange tea lights nestled between Tamara’s tiny potted succulents (benefit of hosting a dinner in a store means you have an endless supply of table decor). The Social Type treated everyone to a card, while Alisha of Goldpress Paper gifted everyone with a thoughtful hand brushed written greeting. In true thanksgiving fashion, the photographer of the night, Lily Glass, sent everyone home with her famous biscuit recipe…something sure to make it on the menu this season.

While the big Thanksgiving meal is still the star, this intimate friendsgiving, hosted in an equally intimate and inviting space was a great way to gather with new and familiar faces. The conversation was refreshing, with topics ranging from life in the suburbs to the joys of running a small business, but more importantly the table discussion was natural, like good friends sharing a holiday dinner.













Photos by Lily Glass
Location by Shout and About
Cocktail bitters from Seven Stills of SF
Thankful cards from The Social Type