When my husband and I moved into our new home one of the selling points was the gated garden that led up to our front door. It’s a modest size and really only consists of a patch of grass, but the lush bushes and trees along the perimeter give it a secret feel once you close the gate behind you. On a rather warm and sunny California winter day we gathered a small group of friends to break in our new home and enjoy some food in the garden. With every Popover gathering we aim to bring guests together who have a story to tell and don’t mind mingling alongside other creative minded people. This brunch brought out the same like-minded set, but with February’s love-filled holiday on the horizon the day had an extra touch of something charming. First time moms relished in each others stories about life with a newborn, while a talented florist set the scene with her tousled arrangements of deep purple orchids, kumquats, blackberries, and fiery garden roses. A green thumb shared her stories of metallic-leaved plants and centuries old seeds hidden in the depths of an iconic local arboretum. A couple told of their venture into astronomy with a late night star-gazing party on the beach and two friends talked about their travel plans for the year. Familiar faces mingled with new ones and stories trickled on throughout the morning while the sky got brighter and sun hotter.

The morning was fueled by smoked salmon topped bagels with chive cream cheese, sweet croissants from a local family run bakery, cinnamon dusted shortbread for something sweet, and of course mimosas to sip between swigs of coffee. To add on to the new home feel we created a living room of side tables, lounge chairs, and rugs on the front lawn so each guest could move throughout the space picking up conversations along the way. As the food began to dwindle and babies rocked away into their naps, plates were cleared and final cups of coffee were poured, the guests mingled, holding on to the last bits of a leisurely breakfast with now-familiar faces.

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Article by Popover

Florals by The Bosky Dell