There is an amazing thing that happens when you gather a room full of talented people who are all pursuing their creative dreams and ask them to lunch together at an intimate table in an intimate space. That is exactly what happened when BUNCH Magazine, along with other friends, joined Popover for a casual Sunday lunch in a quintessential Downtown Los Angeles loft. Most of the people had never met so this lunch was a blind date of sorts, one where you knew the conversation would be good and the phones would be snapping every plate and bite throughout the meal. Illuminated by an oversized metal-framed window the long dining table held a range of creative thinkers, from editors to artists, who dined family style while passing plates of orange pomegranate salad, lavender honey goat cheese, faro salad, and crispy bacon pitas with thick cut tomatoes. This lunch was more than just a gathering with one group, we reached out to friends both new and old to contribute their best qualities to the meal. Delicate branches were arranged by The Bosky Dell, while Pigment and Parchment commemorated the event with a watercolor menu. The Moon and Co. provided the incredible surroundings, while Onelove Photography beautifully captured each laugh, bite, and prep throughout the lunch. The beauty of the gathering was that these little helpers were the lunch guests too and were encouraged to actually sit down and enjoy the meal.

The conversations flowed from raising indoor plants, to the sadness of watching a TV series end (yes, Mad Men), to the memories of a life in New York, and finally the prep that is currently going in to finishing another issue of BUNCH Magazine. While the topics were as diverse as the lunch guests, everyone quickly found some common bond or shared acquaintance that connected them proving just how small a seemingly saturated world and industry can be.

As the lunch began to wind down the plates were all clear and a tray of buttery cookies was passing from hand to hand. The washed out light of the loft continued to illuminate what was still a beautifully inviting table. The napkins were folded under plates, wine bottles nearly empty, and once full platters of food only displayed crumbs, everything that a true gathering should reflect by the end. By the time everyone left we had all scribbled an accompanying Instagram handle onto the back of a menu, leaving it packed with individual and business accounts ready to be shared. The next generation’s business card passed among new guests that were once strangers, but ultimately perfect lunch guests.





















Photos by Onelove Photography
Location by The Moon and Co.
Menus by Pigment and Parchment
Branches by The Bosky Dell